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An annual physical is an important part of a good health care plan, as it helps to establish a relationship with your doctor and a baseline for your overall health and well-being. With offices conveniently located in Midtown East and Washington Heights, Dr. Cluny Lefevre and Dr. Joseph Ahram at Night and Day Medical in New York City, recommend annual physicals for patients ages 10 and up who want to stay healthy at every stage of life. They also offer immigration exams and CDL physicals at both of their Manhattan locations. Call the office most convenient to you or schedule an appointment online.

Annual Physicals Q & A

What can I expect during an annual physical?

During an annual physical exam, you can expect to discuss your family medical history, update your own health history including any surgeries you’ve had, and talk about your overall health and wellness. Your doctor asks about any current medications you’re taking as well as your lifestyle habits. You also have the opportunity to talk about any other health concerns you may be experiencing and want to bring to the doctor’s attention.

A member of the team checks your weight and vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. They may also perform routine blood tests to check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In this way, an annual physical can play a significant role in preventing and detecting serious conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

During your exam, the doctor also checks your head, eyes, and chest, as well as your nose and throat. They also listen to your heart and lungs through a stethoscope and test your reflexes and motor functions.

Depending on your needs, the medical team may also recommend other tests or screenings for age- or gender-related conditions like osteoporosis, breast or prostate cancer, or musculoskeletal problems.

What is an immigration health exam?

The office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that you obtain your immigration exam from an approved physician like the ones at Night and Day Medical in New York City. An immigration health exam is more like a screening to determine if it's safe for you to become a resident of the United States. During the exam, your health care provider looks for very specific health conditions and ensures that you meet the required criteria — like being up to date on all your vaccinations.

Typically, your immigration exam doesn’t include a general physical in which you discuss health concerns, conditions, and a treatment plan. Instead, the medical team makes sure you don’t have any infectious diseases that the USCIS doesn’t permit to enter the country. You may have to have a chest X-ray or blood tests, and the medical team also determines which vaccines you need to meet the requirements of U.S. immigration.

What is a CDL physical exam?

A CDL exam is part of the requirement for obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The team at Night and Day Medical provide CDL physical exams for those wishing to obtain this license.

A CDL physical exam is part of a federal requirement to ensure your safety and the safety of others, indicating that you’re both physically and mentally prepared to operate a commercial vehicle. It requires that you are able to pass tests that involve your blood pressure, vision, hearing, and blood sugar levels.

For more information about annual physicals, immigration exams, or CDL physicals, call one of the Night and Day Medical offices or schedule an appointment online today.